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Daisy’s Owner, Sandra Proebstel, Passes Away

G'day, Mates! A good day with a sad note as Doggy Dundee must share that a great lover of dogs (the owner of one special Doggy Dundee dog in particular), has passed away. Those of you who've read the About Doggy Dundee page are familiar with the stray dog named Daisy and the adventures Chase and I had trying to capture this stray dog. Daisy was a tough catch and a tough dog to get adopted from the Jackson County Animal Shelter, however, she eventually found the perfect home with a woman named Sandra Proebstel (Sandy) who shared … [Read More...]

Adopt A Senior Dog Month – Older Dogs Deserve A Home

G’Day, Mates! November is (also) “ Adopt A Senior Pet Month ” in many states and Doggy Dundee, 'natch, wants to point you in the direction of adopting an older dog. I’m not sure what the fascination is about tiny pups; Oh, I know they’re cute (after all Chase was 16 weeks when she rescued me) but I also know she wore me out and chewed up lots of my wicker furniture, and had me doing physical stuff after work I was often unprepared to do (though I rallied). I also know that often times when pups grow up they’re often “unloaded” to other … [Read More...]

Black Dog Syndrome – Adopt A Black Dog Month

G'Day, Mates! It's time we chatted about the black dog issue - There's a weird psychological stigma surrounding black dogs that have traditionally made them harder shelter dogs to adopt from shelters and rescue organizations. Though there's not been a survey taken, the issue has been noted by shelter workers for years and is dubbed BDS (Black Dog Syndrome). The simple fact is that black dogs are overlooked, yet there's no reason not to adopt a black dog just due to color. It doesn't seem to matter their temperament, training, nor what size … [Read More...]

Save A Dog – Lost Dogs Are Saved By Concern

G'Day, Mates! Doggy Dundee's been on vacation, and got back in time to witness Talent community concern for a lost dog and ponder the human heart as people became determined to save a dog.  Lost dogs have to count on the good heart and efforts of people (read that "you") in order to be saved from the dire circumstances of the lost, wandering life, including starvation, injury from cars, bogs, wire, insects, attack by wild animals or other dogs. Stray dogs are on their own, scared, confused and hungry. Meanwhile, it's easy for us humans to get … [Read More...]

October Is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

G'Day, Mates! There's lots of surrendered and stray dogs of all types, ages, and sizes awaiting a new owner and loving home, and national Adopt A Shelter Dog Month is the perfect time to make an impression by adopting a shelter dog who has been waiting, longing for a person to offer a kind hand and take him or her home. Check sites such as to find dogs available for adoption from area shelters by state and zip code. (In the Southern Oregon area in which Chase and I live, people can also visit the Jackson County Animal … [Read More...]

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