Lost Dogs Without ID Tags Don’t Go Home

Separation Anxiety: Report Lost Dogs To County Animal Shelters!

The two gorgeous Husky-mix lost dogs pictured on this post were renamed “Silver” and “Juno” by the Jackson County Animal Shelter. They were found together and brought in together, both dogs were obviously “house-mates” and best friends with each other. However, no lost dog report was filed with the shelter, there was no ID on either dog, and no response to the usual “found” listing the animal shelter placed in the Mail Tribune newspaper for several days. Finally, the staff placed both very well-trained dogs in adoption.

Two Reasons This Dog Story Is So Sad

First, Juno was adopted, but, unfortunately, the people did not also adopt Silver. We know Silver (the lighter-colored of the two, who seems to be a Husky-x, and Doggy Dundee is guessing some American Eskimo, too) misses Juno, and also is not very happy about being in the animal shelter versus a home. Silver is a beautiful, joyful, and obedient dog who’d obviously been well-loved and cared for.

Second, several days after Juno’s adoption, someone spotted a Craig’s List “lost dog” ad with those two dogs pictured. “Why didn’t they call us?” the staff wondered, and the staff immediately pulled Silver out of the adoption area, and tried contacting the “lost dog seekers” using the contact information provided via the Craig’s List ad. They tried several times. No owner response. For days. Finally, Silver was returned to the adoption area this week, where she is, as of this date, still awaiting a home.

This tragedy of separation could have been avoided and resulted in a happy ending for both dogs if the owners had:

  • Reported their lost dogs to the county animal shelter
  • Licensed, or ID tagged, and/or a Micro-chipped on each dog
  • Placed “lost dog” ads in the local newspapers (shelter staff will often check those).
  • Not assumed that everyone would check a specific (or any) internet site to locate owners of a dog they’d found.

It’s the responsibility of owners to “get the word out” – not the responsibility of stray dog finders to scour the earth for the owner of stray dogs! Your dog will love you for it! Meanwhile, if you’re interested in possibly adopting Silver, contact the Jackson County Animal Shelter on Hwy. 99 in Phoenix, Oregon (Case #K0487). Phone number is 541-774-6654.

Doggy Dundee Birthday Soon – Aquarius

Chase’s Doggy Birthday – Gift to FOTAS?

G’day Mates! What can you do for a birthday dog who gets everything (and does lots of good, too)? How about donating to the organization that helps the doggies (and kitties) at the Jackson County Animal Shelter where Doggy Dundee spends lots of time?

The Doggy Dundee birthday DATE is January 28th (Both Chase and I share a birth date – How’s that for a great “coincidence” – Not often doggies and owners share a birthday!). That ORGANIZATION would be the Friends of the Animal Shelter , which is celebrating its 20th “birthday” year in 2010. FOTAS is a 501(c)3 non-profit that has been helping pay for animal medical care, defray some lower-cost adoption fees, building walking and agility areas, and has a lot of volunteers who are out daily – in all kinds of weather – walking, playing with, and loving on the animals at the Jackson County Animal Shelter. All that work is very necessary, because the animal shelter doesn’t receive any money from the state’s General Fund; ergo, the work FOTAS does is essential to maintaining quality care for the shelter dogs, cats, and other animals.

So, anyone wanting to say “Happy Birthday, Chase,” can send a donation check made out to “FOTAS” to this address: FOTAS, P.O. Box 92, Ashland, Oregon 97520. (Donations are tax deductable).

W/Colleen Macuk -Shelter Mgr.
W/Colleen Macuk -Shelter Mgr.


Ginny Video – A Perfect Pit Bull

Isn’t Ginny A Sweet Pit Bull?

G’day Mates! Click on this Ginny Video for a moment of cuteness (thanks to another FOTAS volunteer , Gaila, who took the video awhile prior to Ginny’s adoption). I sure appreciated Gaila passing along this video, since I miss hugging my doggy pal Ginny so much).

New readers of Doggy Dundee may not be familiar with the story of Ginny (see Shelter Dog page), a female pit bull mama dog who had a long (more than one year) stay at the Jackson County Animal Shelter – where everyone loved Ginny, but, alas, it took “forever” to find someone to adopt her.

Ginny’s a beautiful “counter argument” to those folks seeking to outlaw pit bulls (i.e. pass Breed Specific Legislation – BSL). Chase played with Ginny a couple times, and is glad that Ginny’s got a new owner who’s loving on her.

Jackson County Animal Shelter Video

Shelter Dog Care Provided by

Jackson County Jail Trustees

G’day Mates!

Sharing this news item (with video link) about the Jackson County Animal Shelter (in Phoenix, Oregon), and the great work done by the trustees.

http://kdrv.com/page/149483 Check it out!

Doggy Dundee volunteers at this animal shelter daily, walking Ginny (she’s the white and brown pit-X in the video) and other dogs, so I can vouch for how vital the trustees work is to the care of the shelter dogs, cats, and other animals there.  It’s a win-win-win situation for the offenders being rehabilitated, the animals, and the agencies.

Animal Shelter Work Gets Done

These fellows get in early in the a.m. (along with their supervisor crew chief) and have to immediately clean out all the (usually messed) kennels and take the dogs out (they also “cycle” all the dogs for time outside throughout the day), feed the dogs twice a day, help shelter visitors seeking a dog find a dog that matches the person’s needs. The trustees also sit with/pet/comfort the dogs. They do throughout-the-day and end-of-day clean up, and they are also the ones who come in on holidays when the shelter staff is “off,” to ensure the dogs, cats, and any other animals at the shelter are cared for throughout the day. Plus, it’s a hugh amount of laundry (towels, blankets, work clothes, etc.) they do daily to keep things cleaned up and comfortable for the shelter animals, as you might imagine.

This is an exemplary program, and it should be a model for other animal shelters andjustice programs in other areas of the country! The guys are great to work with, by the way, and do what they can for the animals.

FYI, the shelter has attempted to sometimes have women crews, but…there are insufficient numbers of women incarcerated who fit the requirements to keep that going consistently – and a shelter dog (and other shelter animals) – need consistent crews)

Dog Friends Honor – Rudy

Rudy – Champ Dog Friends Big Heart

G’day, Mates! A few weeks ago Doggy Dundee announced that a couple of Chase’s neighborhood dog friends had recently passed on. We’d like to tell you a bit about schipperke Rudy.

Rudy Vision

Rudy Vision

Rudy was 10 years old when Carol and Fredric Berger of Talent, Oregon adopted Rudy from the Jackson County Animal Shelter several years ago. (Rudy had been a frequent “visitor” there as a stray dog, but his negligent owner lost him one too many times and Rudy was finally removed (saved?) from that environment and placed in the county’s care, so this stray dog could have a happy, secure home at last.

Rudy – Much Loved & Loving Therapy Dog

Both the Bergers are therapists, so… you guessed it – -Rudy easily passed his Therapy Dog Exam, and worked at the local VA every Wednesday since then.  The veterans there loved him.  Rudy also worked at the psych program in Medford, where the residents there loved him, as well.  Fredric took Rudy to the Ashland Dog Park (where Rudy ran very fast there off leash), and brought him to the Downtowne Coffee Shoppe in Talent daily.  Rudy was loved everywhere!  For some people, especially the vets, it was the first time they had reached out to softly touch another being in many years.  Rudy was sweet and calm, and he was able to share that feeling with anybody that touched him.  When any person pet Rudy, it was Rudy that touched the person.

Winner of Sweetest Small Dog Honor

In July 2009, Rudy was diagnosed with cancer. Just weeks before making the final decision to help Rudy cross gently, Rudy won Honorable Mention as “Sweetest Small Dog” (a category judges invented for him on the spot) at the Talent Coffee Shoppe’s annual Cutest Small Dog Contest.

Rudy, you did a good job, mate! We love ya…

Spirit Dog Rudy

Spirit Dog Rudy

Ginny Is Waiting 4U at Animal Shelter

Adopt Gentle, Beautiful, Trained Ginny 

G’day Mates! Many of you know how much I’d loved Ginny, the 4 year old homeless dog who had spent just-shy of 12 months at the Jackson County Animal Shelter before being adopted. We were thrilled when she’d left, yet now she is back at the animal shelter – Has she returned to make you a happy dog owner, perhaps? 

Why Returned? Too Calm and Friendly

Ginny, a female pitbull who the shelter had put through dog training classes long ago, wasn’t the protective watch dog the fellow, who lives in a mobile

Claire & Ginny

Claire & Ginny

 home park, had hoped she’d be, so the man returned Ginny after three months. When someone knocked at the door, instead of barking as the fellow had hoped, Ginny would run over to the door, sit and wait for the visitor to be let inside, then lick the person’s hands, and wiggle to be pet. The man said Ginny was too laid back, and though a gentle companion – enjoying going for car rides and laying around the backyard or house – she just wasn’t the protector/dissuader he’d hoped she would be. She was nice to everyone on their walks.

It’s A “Pit-ty” You Can’t Please All the People

Sigh…Here’s a well-trained, friendly, quiet, beautiful dog that loves to love and be loving, and who defies the stereotype people hold of pitbulls, yet the man wasn’t happy. So, I know Ginny must have returned coz there’s someone else needing to adopt her, much as Chase was returned to the animal shelter just minutes before I walked in 5-1/2 years ago inquiring about puppies.

Read Ginny’s full background story on this site’s “Shelter Dog” page (you may have to scroll down on that page), from the days Ginny was found running down the highway all skin & bones and very pregnant as a stray, homeless dog. If you’re interested, check her out at the Jackson County Animal Shelter in Phoenix, Oregon. Natch, I’ve gone to the shelter everyday to play with Ginny. All the staff and volunteers want the very best for this special girl (except cats!)

Talent’s Cutest Small Dog Contest

60 Small Dogs Entered Talent’s Dog Contest

G’day Mates! We announced the “Cutest Small Dog Contest” a couple posts back so just updating you and posting a few pictures. Many of the dogs that began congregating at 8:30 a.m. on Father’s Day at the Downtowne Coffeehouse in Talent, Oregon were once lost stray dogs. Others were pedigrees who’ve always lived in their “forever home.”

The crowd voted for the top prize of “Cutest,” while the judges (natch Doggy Dundee was one) voted for dog categories of “Best Strut”;  “Dinkiest”; “Best Groomed”; “Spunkiest”, etc.  Contest photos posted below are by Jim Craven of/and published on 6/21/09 in The Mail Tribune newspaper.

This first pictured doggy won the grand prize of “Cutest” (maybe coz he looks like an Ewok from the Star Wars movies?) plus  “Best Groomed:”

Cutest Winner-2009

Cutest Winner-2009

 I wish I’d video’d this weiner dog strutting across the stage in these cumbersome booties. Naturally, this weiner won for “Best Strut:”

Best Strut

Best Strut

 I can’t post all the photos, but I’ve got to recognize this dog for complete commitment to “not dropping the ball.” I think he won “Spunkiest.”

Determined Dog

Determined Dog

 Here’s one of my personal ideas of “cute:”

My Cute Idea

My Cute Idea

 Net proceeds from this dog contest (of several hundred dollars) is going to the Southern Oregon Humane Society to help animal shelter pets. Good job Dan and Sarah of Talent’s Downtowne Coffeehouse.

Doggy Dundee Cited By Police Chief!

Talent Police Chief Endorses Doggy Dundee

Imagine Doggy Dundee’s surprise to pick up the June issue of the Talent News and Review and read that the Chief of Police is a Doggy fan, and read quotes

Chief Moran & Dogs

Chief Moran & Dogs

stating he finds this blog is “refreshing…informative and entertaining.”

It all started late one Thursday night when I was reading the “Flash Cop Talk” column. Chief Mike Moran addressed concerns about a stretch of newly painted yellow lines on Talent Avenue, then he went into some detail about check fraud taking place. Then–Ding! Ding!–without warning came this unsolicited endorsement from Chief Moran:

Talent has another interesting source of information besides this publication. It’s an online site about the travels and perspectives of a woman and her dog in Talent. It has a refreshing outlook, and there are reminders about the rules and responsibilities of dog owners…the online blog of DoggyDundee.com is informative and entertaining…and has some really great stories about Talent’s Canine Citizens.” 

Much obliged, Chief! Natch, we had to find out about the dogs in his life.

Henry and Coco Were Shelter Dogs

Chief Mike Moran is pictured above with his two “shelter dog ” alumni. The black (maybe, Flat Coat) Retriever X is Henry — and doesn’t Henry bare a tad resemblance to Chase?  The white and brown Cocker  X (maybe with Springer?) is named Coco.  Both boys are furry and fun.

Henry, who is now seven years old, was adopted as a 12 week old puppy from the Animal Shelter. The last of 12 pups,  he’d been overlooked due to some social anxiety issues, but the Chief tells me Henry “is a great dog.”

Chief Moran adopted Coco, also now around seven or eight years old, from the Southern Oregon Humane Society (HS).  This handsome cocker X had been rescued by the HS from Josephine County, because that group was unable to find the dog a home.  As you can see, Coco is very happy to be living with Chief Moran.

Visit Your Animal Shelter

A great big THANKS to Chief Mike Moran for adopting shelter dogs – Chase and I want everyone to visit their shelters for their “fur-ever friend.” And, naturally, Doggy Dundee sends a big thanks to the Chief  for sharing his appreciation of the Doggy Dundee blog with the Talent newspaper’s readers.

Chase Meets Cat At Pet Evacuation

Emergency Pet Evacuation Drill Brings Dogs and Cats Together

You can’t call Doggy Dundee prompt when it comes to film developing!

In late April 2009, Chase and I were one of many volunteers who participated in the major Jackson County Earthquake Drill – the part testing the animal shelter registration procedure for dogs who would be evacuated with their owners who were staying at an attached fictitious Red Cross shelter.

One brave pet evacuation volunteer brought her cat who she said loved dogs and would have dogs eating out of her paw. Chase and I finally got our personal photos developed of the animal shelter pet evacuation event, and

Chase meets Siamese

Chase meets Siamese

 as you can see Chase was quite curious and awed by this Siamese. This is the first time Chase has ever gotten this close to a kitty. It didn’t matter which dog came forward, either, all the dogs got along with the cat, who would sometimes roll over and start playing with these strange dogs, several of whom were strays from the shelter. It was quite an event for all the dogs and cats – and volunteers!

Read the newspaper article here about the emergency animal evacuation drill.

Jenny’s at the Humane Society & Needs You

Visiting Shelter Dog Jenny at the Southern Oregon Humane Society

Hey, Mates! Doggy Dundee decided to visit shelter dog Jenny is at the Southern Oregon Humane Society (H.S.) in Medford, Oregon. Jenny’s the Tree Walker Hound X that was saved from euthanasia but has been at the H.S. four months and now shows signs of kennel stress. Adopt her!

Jenny & Doggy Dundee
Jenny & Doggy Dundee

 Isn’t she a beaut! 

Was a lover, not a hunter so eventually got dumped. The Humane Society saved Jenny from a Klamath society about to euthanize her (see her complete write up on the Shelter Dog page).

About Our Visit

Jenny comes out prancing with the shelter staff person. She keeps her nose to the ground alot when we go to the meet-and-greet area. The staff explain not only does she have a hound’s nose, but Jenny’s paying less attention to visitors recently coz they always leave her behind (Sad, eh). I gave Jenny time and lots of back rubs, though, and eventually she skipped over and curled into my lap. She always offers tail wags and big smiles when greeting the staff she knows, though. (Her skin and fur’s real dry, so I suggested H.S. start Jenny on Omega 3 oil in her food.)

It’s obvious Jenny is yearning for someone to bond with, yet the H.S. doesn’t understand why no one’s adopted her yet, she’s so lovable and enjoys belly rubs (Doesn’t like cats, though). Guess her person hasn’t showed up yet – But now you know about her so there’s no excuse! (Phone) 541-779-3215. The H.S. is located at 2910 Table Rock Road, Medford, Oregon. (And, tell ’em you heard about Jenny on Doggy Dundee.)