Kindness & Woof’s Dog Bakery

Woof’s Bakery Has A Heart

G’Day Mates!  Ode to the kindness of doggy strangers!

Chase and I spent two gorgeous HOT, SUNNY, and DRY days in Brookings, Oregon a few days back. If you haven’t been to the Oregon Coast, you’ve no idea how odd that trilogy is (hot, sunny, and dry).  We saw the internet forecast and zipped off on the three hour drive. We intended to make it a very long day but were such a pair of beach dogs and having such a great time, we decided to grab a hotel so we could do it all again the next day.

Woofs Dog Bakery

Woofs Dog Bakery

That meant I had no supplies and Chase had no food, and we had to go shopping quick! (Grrrr…I’ll admit to feeling a bit peeved that I was spending money I didn’t necessarily have on stuff I could have brought from home if I’d planned it better, but…)  We asked around for dog food stores and finally raced into Woof’s Dog Bakery in Brookings just ten minutes before their 5 p.m. closing time, both Chase and I scuffing sand behind us.

Treating Customers Well

The store bloke gave us a cheerful greeting, and I told him I was just picking up food for Chase because we enjoyed ourselves so much we’d decided to stay at the last minute and Chase needed to eat. Do you know what the fellow said? “How about if I give you some free sample bags instead? What’s her food’s nutritional base? How much will she be eating?”

You could have knocked me over with a dog biscuit. This bloke could have scored a “final sale of the day,” but instead he was a kindhearted man, saw a need, and met it. That was a bit alright! I told him “lamb and rice” and that Chase would probably only need three sample bags. He packages up six samplers of Canidae lamb and rice kibble. That’s quality stuff, mate.

Our impromptu “getaway” was made all the more happy thanks to the kindness of Woof’s. On our future trips to Brookings or Gold Beach, Chase and I will be shopping at Woof’s for treats and fun vacation presents for our doggy pals. You should stop into one of Woof’s dog food stores, too because your beach dogs good need to be well nourished after all that exercise — and when you do, tell Woof’s, “Doggy Dundee sent me.”


  1. Hi Claire, Thank you so much for the kind words about Woof’s Dog Bakery. Glad we were able to make things easier for you and Chase. Please come and see us again next time you are on the southern Oregon Coast! The fellow you are speaking about is my husband Buck 🙂 See you next time!

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