Greek Stray Dogs

Lost Llapsa Apso Attacked by Greek Dog Pack

There’s no worse feeling than knowing you have to do something to save a living being and be totally unable to do anything!

Greek Strays

Greek Strays

It was May 2008. I was bound for the island of Patmos, standing on the rear exterior deck on the third level of a ship due to set sail from the Port of Piraeus on an approximate 10 hour journey that wouldn’t dock until midnight.  The last of the commercial trucks had been squeezed into the ship’s hold, and arguments were breaking out between officials and the truck drivers whom they were turning away due to max’d capacity.  My eyes were drawn away from the human drama of discord, though, by movement rushing down along the shoreline’s dock road.

Down the all but deserted seaside drive ran a lost dog, a Llapso Apso,  fast, furry, and frantic, every movement – rushing from here to there to over there and back – demonstrating panic and confusion. A pink ribbon dancing around its neck signalled this was probably a female newly lost dog, not one of the tens of thousands of stray dogs for which Athens and Greece is infamous ( but she probably would be now). I imagined this cute Llapso Apso somehow getting separated from her owner travelling on any of the numerous international ships or ferries anywhere in the monstrous port. No ships were docked anywhere in sight of ours, so she’d run quite a ways.

Stray Dog Pack Attack

Then far across the way, strutting from behind a building I spotted three large Greek [Read more…]