Shelter Dog Jenny Has No Home

Humane Society Transferring Jenny

G’day Mates! It’s always a bit of a sad day when Doggy Dundee’s best efforts to publicize a good shelter dog in need of a home dont’ bring results. I received this email from the Director of Shelter Operations at the Southern Oregon Humane Society (SOHS) about Jenny, the non-hunter/loving to

Jenny & Doggy Dundee

Jenny & Doggy Dundee

snuggle/love bug of a Tree Walker Hound who has been at the SOHS for over six months:

“Jenny is being transferred to Greenhill (Corvallis) to give her another audience – there are simply no takers – no interest – so she is going to get another chance out of our area…She is such a good girl – I hope she finds the perfect family.”

This kind, sweet dog has lived at the SOHS shelter for over six months and maintained her good manners (Could you?). Staff say she just enjoys lounging with them when they visit her in her cage. Doggy Dundee’s visited her a few times and took her out into the yard. Why not go see this little girl for yourself?

(Status update: The day before her planned transfer date, the director changed plans and decided to keep Jenny at their Medford location. Jenny seems to feel comfortable there now and she doesn’t want to disrupt Jenny’s life with yet another transfer, so you still have a chance to adopt Jenny.)

For more info about shelter dog Jenny, contact the Southern Oregon Humane Society at (phone) 541-779-3215. They’re located at 2910 Table Rock Road, Medford, Oregon.  — And tell ‘em, “I read about Jenny on Doggy Dundee!”

Jenny’s at the Humane Society & Needs You

Visiting Shelter Dog Jenny at the Southern Oregon Humane Society

Hey, Mates! Doggy Dundee decided to visit shelter dog Jenny is at the Southern Oregon Humane Society (H.S.) in Medford, Oregon. Jenny’s the Tree Walker Hound X that was saved from euthanasia but has been at the H.S. four months and now shows signs of kennel stress. Adopt her!

Jenny & Doggy Dundee
Jenny & Doggy Dundee

 Isn’t she a beaut! 

Was a lover, not a hunter so eventually got dumped. The Humane Society saved Jenny from a Klamath society about to euthanize her (see her complete write up on the Shelter Dog page).

About Our Visit

Jenny comes out prancing with the shelter staff person. She keeps her nose to the ground alot when we go to the meet-and-greet area. The staff explain not only does she have a hound’s nose, but Jenny’s paying less attention to visitors recently coz they always leave her behind (Sad, eh). I gave Jenny time and lots of back rubs, though, and eventually she skipped over and curled into my lap. She always offers tail wags and big smiles when greeting the staff she knows, though. (Her skin and fur’s real dry, so I suggested H.S. start Jenny on Omega 3 oil in her food.)

It’s obvious Jenny is yearning for someone to bond with, yet the H.S. doesn’t understand why no one’s adopted her yet, she’s so lovable and enjoys belly rubs (Doesn’t like cats, though). Guess her person hasn’t showed up yet – But now you know about her so there’s no excuse! (Phone) 541-779-3215. The H.S. is located at 2910 Table Rock Road, Medford, Oregon. (And, tell ’em you heard about Jenny on Doggy Dundee.)